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Mesh Type Demisting Devices typically consist of a pad of knitted wire (the “mesh”) supported by a framework (weld mesh or grid). They function as mist eliminators because impingement of the liquid droplets onto the wire surface allows the droplets to coalesce and subsequently disengage from the wire surface under the effects of gravity. Mesh Type Demisting Devices can be utilised in any configuration in horizontal and vertical separators and, when correctly designed, dependent on the operating parameters, offer high gas/liquid separation efficiency, low installed cost, low pressure-drop and fast delivery.

Zeta-pdm Ltd and our sister company Euromesh BV adopt a detailed approach to the design of such equipment and can now offer a wide variety of materials and “layered” designs. These combine the best attributes of two or more mesh structures, allowing a large increase in efficiency and throughput for a given cross-sectional area.

Please note that we do not recommend the installation of Mesh Type Demisting Devices where fouling or blockage is possible. Instead, for fouling or dirty duties, we recommend the use of our proprietary vane packs or our 4G-FD® Demisting Cyclones.

Advantages of a Mesh Type Demisting Devices:

  • Offers a high gas / liquid separation efficiency at high operating pressures and with complex fluids
  • Produces a low pressure drop for relatively high droplet separation efficiency
  • Provides a high turndown ratio
  • Offers a wide operational range
  • Low installed cost
  • Can be supplied in various shapes and orientations
  • Easy to install in new and existing separators
  • No moving parts, so no maintenance (for clean duties only).

Applications of a Mesh Type Demisting Device:

  • Production Separators
  • Test Separators
  • Gas Scrubbers
  • Gas Knock-out Drums
  • Slug Catchers
  • Flash Drums
  • Process Vessels and Columns
  • Floating Production Units (FPUs).

Euromesh® BV

With over 40 years' industrial experience, Euromesh® BV is a leading force in separation technology. Products are manufactured under controlled conditions and can be supplied in accordance with any international design or material standard or customised to specific requirements. Euromesh products are used in many branches of industry and are specifically designed to fit for purpose. Euromesh BV is a member of the Zeta Group.

The company is located in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, in the centre of one of the most important European industrial areas, close to Amsterdam International Airport and to the main seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. A comprehensive range of separation equipment, process internals and wire mesh products are manufactured, both for the domestic market and for export world-wide. Euromesh is staffed by experienced design and process engineers. With state-of-the-art production facilities and a strict quality management system a high level of quality and service is assured throughout sales and production stages.

  • Mesh demisters
  • Vane-packs
  • Cyclone demisters
  • Mesh coalescers
  • Plate-pack coalescers
  • Pre-conditioners
  • Separators.
  • Column, Sieve- and Bubble cap trays
  • Random packing, in metal / plastic and ceramic
  • Collectors & Distributors
  • Column internals (V-wire)
  • Inlet devices
  • Support grating
  • Reactor screens
  • Perforated plates.
  • Exhaust silencers
  • Shock and vibration components
  • Filters and filtration equipment
  • Air / grease filters
  • Spark devices
  • Flame arrestors
  • Soot collectors
  • Spray nozzles
  • Knitted wire mesh
  • Woven & weld mesh.

Case Studies

Clair Phase 1 (UK)

Discovered in 1977 with the 206/8-1a exploration discovery well, Clair is located 47 miles west of Shetland in approximately 140 metres of water.

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