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ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioners are positioned upstream of the demisting device and comprise vanes without any “hooks” or “troughs”. They are utilised when a high separation efficiency and / or a high turndown ratio is required and are positioned upstream of the demisting device. As pre-conditioners, they can be utilised in any configuration in both horizontal and vertical separators and are suitable when a Mesh Type Pre-conditioner cannot be used due to the potential for fouling.

The difference between the ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner and a Vane Type Demisting Device is that the pre-conditioner is designed to operate at about three times the gas velocity used for a Vane Type Demisting Device. This means that it operates in a flooded condition, which has the effect of enlarging the sizes of the upstream droplets, thereby increasing the amount of liquid removal within the downstream demisting device and improving the efficiency of the gas / liquid separation process.

At low flow rates, the ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner takes over from the downstream demisting device and itself acts as the demisting device. Under these conditions, it no longer operates in the flooded condition but reverts back to its role as a Vane Type Demisting Device

Further, since it provides a pressure drop prior to the demisting device, any flow mal-distribution which exists across the face of the ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner will be significantly reduced before the flow reaches the demisting device. This, again, has a beneficial effect on the gas / liquid separation process.

Advantages of a ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner

  • Increases the gas / liquid separation efficiency.

  • Improves the flow distribution on the face of the downstream demisting device.

  • Provides a wide operational range with a high turndown ratio ≥ 10:1.

  • Available in various shapes and orientations.

  • Resists fouling.

  • Robust construction.

  • Has relatively low installed cost.

  • Easy to install in both new and existing separators.

  • No moving parts, so no maintenance.

Applications of a ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner

  • Production Separators.
  • Test Separators.
  • Gas Scrubbers.
  • Gas Knock-out Drums.
  • Slug Catchers
  • Flash Drums
  • Process Vessels and Columns.
  • Floating Production Units (FPUs).

Case Studies

Slug Catcher Flow Assurance

Gas production systems may operate in the "slug flow" multiphase regime in which large volumes of liquid are interspersed with the gas. Under these conditions, the arrival of the liquid slugs can be detrimental to separation performance and the mechanical stress levels are greatly increased. In the example shown below, Zeta-pdm was asked to analyse the failure of a slug catcher vessel. Inspection showed that the slugs had caused mechanical failure of the separation internals. Subsequently, a simulation study yielded a vastly improved understanding of the flow behaviour, enabling Zeta-pdm to recommend internals better able to withstand severe operating conditions.

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