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We are a specialist technology supplier to the oil, gas, water and petrochemical industries, focusing on the supply of advanced separation solutions for the many types of multiphase flow processes encountered in this field.

The company offers a range of support and experience to its clients, including consultancy services; backed up by process and mechanical design studies relating to both new build and revamp equipment.

The following areas of application can be identified:

  • Separators (Production and Test).
  • Gas Scrubbers.
  • Gas Knock-out Drums.
  • Slug Catchers.
  • Produced Water Degassers.
  • Flash Drums.
  • Flare Knock-out Drums.
  • Free Water Knock-out Drums.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems.
  • Mitigation of Wave and Sloshing Effects.

We deliver practical and credible engineering, process design expertise, and efficient separation solutions, based on the extensive range of “state of the art” internals technology within the Zeta Group. This technology encompasses:

  • Consultancy Services - Process Design Studies, Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA).
  • Inlet Devices - ZP-4G® Inlet Cyclones, Various Vane Type, ZSQ® Enhanced Deoiling / Degassing, ZPV Inlet, Customised Solutions.
  • Distribution / Calming Devices –Perforated, ZHB® Distribution Baffle, ZVB® Calming Baffle, ZSB & ZPC Straightening Baffle, Customised Solutions.
  • Liq. / Liq. Coalescing Devices – Mesh Type, Plate Pack Type, Customised Solutions.
  • Gas / Liquid Coalescing Devices – Wire Mesh Type, Vane Types, Customised Solutions.  
  • Gas / Liquid Demisting Devices – 4G-FD® Demisting Cyclones, Vane Types, Wire Mesh Type, In-line Gas Cleaner (IGC), Customised Solutions.
  • Miscellaneous Internals - Defoaming Internals, Degasser Internals, Sand Jetting Systems, Vortex Type Sand Removal Systems, Customised Solutions.

The company has an extensive background in production facilities trouble-shooting, de-bottlenecking, and revamping. This gives an unrivalled ability to provide the most functional, effective design, along with the commitment to assess future abilities by applying our "whole life" concept and the principles of BATNEEC (Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Costs).

Our knowledge and unique range of separation internals technology allows us to supply bespoke equipment, purposely designed and manufactured for onshore applications and offshore platforms, semi-submersibles, Tension Leg Platforms (TLP) and Floating Production Units (FPUs).

All of our separation equipment is "trial built", before delivery to the client. In addition, a full-sized mock-up of the vessel and the installation can be undertaken. Finally, it is our practice to offer the services of our qualified project management personnel whenever our equipment is to be installed, whether this requires their attendance onshore or offshore. 

Case Studies

Dulang (Malaysia)

Discovered in 1981, Dulang is a major oil field in the Malay Basin. Located 130 km off the east coast fo Malay Peninsular in depths of 76 m the Dulang field is approx. 24 km long and 3.5 km wide. It is owned jointly by Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd and Esso Production Malaysia Inc.

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EIC Fpal Fpal Achilles Zeta-pdm Ltd are ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified