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The key to Free Water KO Drums is a combination of a large separation volume coupled to a long residence time. The result is a high degree of separation. However, during the life of a well the amount of produced water can increase considerably. This leads to the need to revamp the internals as shown in the following before and after study.

Above: This graphic shows droplet re-entrainment in the gas phase and the localized overloading of the mesh pad demister. Below: The inlet device holds up the flow increasing both the residence time and the droplet separation efficiency. The revamped gas box with 20, 4G-FD® Demisting Cyclones facing the vessel’s inlet. The revamp CFD model included the swirl in each cyclone.

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Case Studies

Horizontal Separator Flow Assurance

The horizontal separator vessel is one of the most important parts of the separation train. CFD can be used to develop an improved understanding of the flow within this vessel and the way in which the flow interacts with the internals. The flow detail provided by CFD enables the position and spacing of the baffles to be optimised.

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