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Due to the gently curved nature of the vane surfaces and diffuser-type area changes within our proprietary ZP-Vane Type Inlet Device, the flow velocity reduces steadily from inlet to outlet; in turn, this lessens the potential for droplet shatter.

The ZP-Vane Type Inlet Device distributes the fluids evenly across the separator, to minimise mal-distribution effects which may lead to excessive liquid carryover in the demisting device, caused by a combination of localised elevated gas velocity levels and high liquid loading at the inlet face of the demisting device. Uniformity of the flow will also minimise any re-entrainment from the liquid surface, and minimise flow control problems.

Advantages of the ZP-Vane Type Inlet Device:

  • Separates the bulk liquids present within the inlet stream
  • Reduces the momentum of the inlet stream, thus minimising the potential for droplet shatter
  • Distributes the gas flow evenly over the downstream demisting equipment
  • Minimises the effect of channelling through the downstream demisting equipment
  • Wide operational range – typically, providing 100% turndown
  • Reduces the likelihood of re-entrainment of liquid from the liquid surface
  • Reduces any turbulence and re-circulation within the liquid section
  • Provides a minimal pressure drop
  • Reduces the size of the inlet nozzle on a new build project
  • Allows a greater fluid throughput for a set nozzle size on a revamp project
  • Easy to install in new and existing separators
  • No moving parts, thus no maintenance.

Applications of the ZP-Vane Type Inlet Device:

  • Gas Scrubbers
  • Production Separators
  • Gas Knock-Out Drums
  • Distillation, Absorption & GDU Columns
  • Flare Knock-Out Drums
  • Floating Production Units (FPUs).

Case Studies

Motion Control on an FPSO

The upstream piping (or isometrics) will always dictate the condition of the flow entering the vessel. Special care should therefore be taken when designing the piping in a gas production system to minimize the risk of maldistribution and avoid the droplet shatter that could reduce the performance of the downstream separation internals. By modelling the isometrics with CFD, maldistribution can be reduced and the size of any droplets entering the separator can be predicted. This is useful for troubleshooting existing vessels and optimising the design of the process internals.

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