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Energy industry specialist Zeta-pdm has clinched a major contract for over £750,000 from a Malaysian oil company for a land based project in Malaysia.

The contract cements the company’s reputation as a world leader in separation processes and advanced technology for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Zeta-pdm has enjoyed a significant increase in demand for its range of services and is supplying its specialist equipment to an ever-expanding portfolio of clients across the globe.

The contract win will involve the supply of process internals for use in gas water separators, vessels used for separating a well stream into gaseous and liquid components - to the Malaysian oil and gas engineering company.

Scott Constantine, of Zeta-pdm, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract.The range of work it offers gives us the chance to demonstrate the variety of our internals technology, which will help as we continue to expand into new markets and regions.

“We have experienced a strong period of growth in the past, during which we have reinforced our determination to extend our supply of bespoke equipment to clients across the globe.”

Zeta-pdm has also been commissioned by a leading global engineering, consulting and construction company to provide a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study for separator vessels on a LNG production facility.

Scott added: “This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to continuing to build on this success and carry the company on to further success. Operating within such a competitive environment is a great challenge and it is especially rewarding seeing our personal and customer focussed approach pay off. We have many years of experience in the supply of separation internals and big contract wins like this helps reinforce our reputation in the field.”

Zeta-pdm Ltd is a world leader in separation processes and a key supplier of advanced technology to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. With many years of proven experience in new build and revamp projects, covering onshore applications, offshore platforms and Floating Production Units (FPUs), the company has established a reputation for quality, reliability, bespoke service, and commitment to its customers.

Case Studies

Upstream Piping

The upstream piping (or isometrics) will always dictate the condition of the flow entering the vessel. Special care should therefore be taken when designing the piping in a gas production system to minimize the risk of maldistribution and avoid the droplet shatter that could reduce the performance of the downstream separation internals. By modelling the isometrics with CFD, maldistribution can be reduced and the size of any droplets entering the separator can be predicted. This is useful for troubleshooting existing vessels and optimising the design of the process internals.

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