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Zeta-pdm’s very own Scott Constantine had the proud privilege of carrying the Queen’s Commonwealth Games Baton during its recent journey across Scotland.

Scott, Zeta-pdm’s Business Development Manager, was selected to escort the baton through Montrose, because of his role as Deputy Station Officer of the HM Coastguard Montrose Team.

Scott Constantine

Scott was also nominated for his voluntary work with Montrose Rugby Club, where he devotes his free time to training the club’s teams, when not responding for HM Coastguard.

Only five weeks before he carried the baton, Scott was involved in a more personal emergency response incident – when he broke his leg during a ‘friendly’ rugby match.

Scott’s injury put his involvement in the baton relay in doubt but, through stubborn determination, his leg cast was removed early, allowing him time to squeeze in some essential last minute exercise and perform his baton carrying duties with ease.

Scott commented: “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved with the games. Breaking a bone was just bad timing but that certainly wasn’t going to hold me back, as I was eager not to let down the people who took the time to nominate us.”

Case Studies

Flare KO Drums

The key to Free Water KO Drums is a combination of a large separation volume coupled to a long residence time. The result is a high degree of separation. However, during the life of a well the amount of produced water can increase considerably. This leads to the need to revamp the internals as shown in the following before and after study.

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