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Zeta-pdm’s very own Scott Constantine had the proud privilege of carrying the Queen’s Commonwealth Games Baton during its recent journey across Scotland.

Zeta-pdm has made a key appointment within its specialist engineering department.

Zeta-pdm has become members of specialist industry group, NAFEMS; the International Association of the Engineering, Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community.

Zeta-pdm recently attended a prestigious industry reception at the House of Commons.

Zeta-pdm, a UK-based leader in the worldwide supply of bespoke separation internals, has secured a lucrative new-build contract worth more than £4million.

Case Studies

Demisting Cyclones Flow Assurance

The Zeta-pdm Ltd 4G-FD® Demisting Cyclones are designed to polish the gas prior to compression. The CFD model of these cyclones includes the swirl generation element. It is the modelling of swirl that allows the CFD model to accurately predict the droplet separation characteristics of these cyclones with the client’s process data. The inclusion of swirl raises the benchmark within the industry and renders obsolete the practice maintained by the competition of modelling cyclones as straight flow through a box.

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