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Located 120 kilometers (70 miles) north of the Libyan coast in the Mediterranean Sea, the Bouri Offshore Field is a joint venture between Eni Oil and the National Oil Corporation of Libya. It is considered one of the largest producing oilfields in the Mediterranean and consists of Satellite Platform (DP3), Main Production Platform (DP4), - gas was flared at both - plus a permanently moored storage tanker (FSO).

This project’s objectives are to preserve natural resources and eliminate the emission of pollutants caused by flaring. It has an economic viability through the sales of products (gas and condensate) via Sabratha Platform. Phase 1 of the Gas Utilisation Project (GUP) included the installation of Gas Recovery Modules (GRM).

As part of this project, Zeta-pdm Ltd supplied the design, engineering and the supply of the new build separation internals for the six (6) vertical scrubbers; 1st & 2nd Stage Separator Carryover KOD 200-VN-001 & 002, 1st & 2nd Stage Raw Gas Compressor KOD 361-VN-001 & 002, 3rd Stage Raw Gas Compressor KOD 361-VN-003 and the 4th Stage Export Gas Compressor KOD 361-VN-004. Under a separate contract, we also received the order for the design, engineering and the supply of the new build separation internals for the horizontal Slug Catcher 190-VQ-001 and the Condensate Surge Drum 320-VA-002.

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